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MACLEOD LAW AND MEDIATION CHAMBERS provides an experienced staff of lawyers, mediators, and law clerks who handle a wide range of family law, estate, and court-connected cases in Ottawa. We offer multiple options and integrated legal services to meet our clients' needs. Together, using our client-centered approach, we will assess and choose a resolution option that is designed to match your real needs and interests. We have a convenient location in West Ottawa (Morrison / Greenbank right near the 417) 202-900 Morrison Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8K7.

Nigel Macleod is dedicated to effective advocacy in cooperative as well as contested cases. We achieve informed decisions and good settlements by utilizing a team approach which coordinates essential consultations and information disclosure through to specialized dispute or issue resolution. Our highly experienced staff ensures that you receive the appropriate service and cost effective results. Your legal needs will benefit from Nigel Macleod’s decades of training and proven experience in law and mediation.

It is conventional wisdom that real results are derived through negotiated settlements crafted by the parties and their counsel as opposed to the option of litigation or trial proceedings. At the same time, Nigel Macleod is a highly effective trial lawyer with three decades of specialized Family Court experience. Moreover, our legal mandate requires that we present statutory models or legal issues during your consultation with us. Reliable information about your rights, remedies and process options is essential in any alternative law strategy.

The key point is that you are the ultimate judge of your own process or terms of settlement although we will definitely be making recommendations based on cost/benefit analysis. A wider range of process options with specialized legal and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals generates more possibilities for you to design and effectively control your own case.

If you are facing separation and must move forward, you are invited to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out more about cooperative practice, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and collaborative law with Nigel Macleod (613-829-7000).

Most of our clients are self-directed to our website and professional chambers as you are invited to learn more about cooperative practice, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and collaborative law. Learn more about Nigel Macleod within this site or telephone 613-829-7000 for our qualified staff to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Another community of clients are referred through other law firms. Lawyers refer cases to our Chambers for specialized family law representation and uncontested divorces to maximize savings while maintaining timely progress reports. Family mediation, uncontested divorce and collaborative law are excellent opportunities in coordinated legal service delivery. We can help lawyers do a better job in fulfilling their larger solicitor-client requirements.

Lawyers also refer cases to MACLEOD LAW & MEDIATION CHAMBERS for civil litigation, family or court-connected mediation sessions. Nigel Macleod was one of the first dozen mediators to be selected for the pilot mediation project in Ontario. Since 1997, Nigel Macleod has successfully completed hundreds of mediation cases, as he continues as a roster mediator for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program in Ottawa. He has maintained advanced practice status with the world's leading ADR organizations, ACR (Association for Conflict Resolution) since 1997, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) and continues an OAFM practice designation [Acc.FM (OAFM)] on an annual basis.

Nigel Macleod has an extensive history as a mentoring and training mediation principal. Our Chambers work with Mediators- in training to fulfill a better Mediation practice in accordance with OAFM standards. Please refer to Mediation Internship

  Ottawa Mediator, Ottawa Family Law